Questions are in yellow, answers are white.
Just to make that clear. Now, on to the FAQ.

Name? Pronouns? Info?

Names: Ninten/Luke/Gracie/Wario
Pronouns: Any
Info: I'm eighteen years old.
I also like a few things.

Why did you create this website?

I'll be real, it was because of the imminent collapse of Twitter.
I needed one of these just so that I could have a central hub for everywhere I am.
You get me?

Why the fuck is your name "NintenGunner"?

Fun fact of the day, I used to be a High Quality Ripper at a young, young age.
Those days are long past. Now all that remains is my name.
"NintenGunner", however, derides from "Nintendo" and "SiIvaGunner".

Do you really think you're THIS relevant to have
a whole Neocities like this?

Relevancy is a scam.

Do you have talent?


That explains why this site looks so bland.

Hey, as long as it works and doesn't burn my eyes.

Do you like Doom?


I'm out of questions, can you send me back to
the main page?

Sure! It's over here.
And if you have any other questions, check my socials on said page!
I'm probably willing to answer them!